Cheshire Oaks Watches

The Finest Cheshire Oaks Watches 

While most watch enthusiasts prefer watches with metal dials, Cheshire oaks watches just scream premium even in their name. Made from the finest kind of oak wood, these watches are not only stylish but also feel luxurious, all the while being affordable. 

And what better place to get these watches than Rustech Wood. Known for a variety of wooden products, we are here to offer you the best quality wooden watches money can buy. 

Wooden Watches Are All The Rage

Nowadays, wooden watches have become quite trendy. Especially among the people who want to enjoy luxury at an affordable price range. These watches cost just a little over a hundred euros and so many people are strapping them onto their wrists to look stylish. 

Watches Made From The Best Cheshire Oak Wood

Chesire oaks wood happens to be one of the best quality woods. Crafted by our most skilled carpenters, these watches are made with care. They do not only look and feel amazing but also elevate your status among your peers. 

Just imagine, being the only one wearing a premium wooden watch that looks absolutely gorgeous! Your friends won’t stop asking you where you got it from!

Wooden Dial And Leather Straps

If the wooden dial wasn’t enough, these watches also come with high-quality straps made with pure leather. The combination of wood and leather in these beautiful watches makes them so much more appealing. Donning this watch with any of your best outfits, your style will be elevated 10 folds!

As you may know, sporting any high-quality accessory has the ability to turn any boring outfit into a fashionable one. And instead of the generic metal watches with metal straps or leather straps, try out these wooden dial watch with premium leather belts. You won’t regret this purchase. 

Available For Both Men And Women

The best part about these watches is that we have separate designs for men and women. So regardless of your gender you can purchase our watches and look absolutely stylish. 

The dial and the lug to lug ratio of the two watch types are different. Our men’s watches have a wider lug to lug length while the women’s watches are comparatively narrower. The dial sizes are also larger for the men’s watches. 

We already know the men will love this watch and are pretty confident all the stylish ladies reading this would also consider giving our watches a try. 

Shop Right Now From RusTech Wood!

RusTech Wood is more than willing to provide you- this premium and luxurious experience with our Cheshire oaks watches. They are by far one of the best wristwatches that you can find in all of Ireland, and all our previous customers can back up that claim. 

So what are you waiting for? Jump on the bandwagon and get your hands on these amazing-looking timepieces now! We assure you that they will look incredible on your wrists and up your style game by many folds.