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Premium RFID Card Holder For Men’s Accessories 

Gone are the days when people used to use bulky leather wallets. Nowadays, RFID card holders are a much more desirable option and are far more portable than the wallets you’ve probably used all your life. 

With the innovation of the RFID card holder, men’s accessories industry has seen quite a change in direction. People went from buying fat leather wallets to sleek card holders that reduce all the clutter and help you organize your cards and cash better. 

To get your hands on such cardholders made from natural Irish wood, RusTech Wood is the best choice!

Wooden Card Holders For Men

Why go for wooden card holders instead of carbon fibre ones or leather ones? Well, the RFID card holders that we sell look stylish and add that uniqueness to your everyday carry. 

Being made from premium wood that is crafted by our expert carpenters, these card holders are not only a handy accessory. They are a status symbol and they show that you are a man with good taste.  

Two Different Designs To Choose From

Our card holders are available in two different designs to choose from. One is rectangular with pointy edges with a small lever at the bottom to bring out all the cards. And the other is also rectangular but with curved edges and has a swipeable wooden cover that reveals your cards and also cash or coin. 

Both models are designed to look amazing whenever you bring them out to pay a bill or just to simply show them to your pals. 

Keep All Your Cards And Cash Organized

The pointy rectangular design model can only store your debit and credit cards and is roomy enough for at least 5-6 cards. On the other hand, the other model features the card holder section, the cash band, and a dedicated slot for putting coins in. 

A lot of our customers love the little detail on the coin slot, so we suppose you would love it too! All these compartments and organizational features make this RFID card so impressive.  

Designed And Crafted By Professionals

Our carpenters handcraft these mini-wallets and they do it with utmost precision. The craftsmanship is astonishing and the card holder feels quite premium. 

On top of that, you get full customization on your purchase. You have the option to choose between different wood types, which makes the whole experience of ordering our card holder even more personalized. We assure you would be pleased with your order.  

We Use Natural Irish Wood

It has been a priority for us to bring Irish wood to life with all our products. We make it a point to use premium quality woods in producing these card holders to make your experience of using them even more luxurious.  

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Get your hands on these amazing RFID card holders that the men’s wallet industry could ever offer. Shop from RusTech Wood for the best mini-wallet money can buy today!