rfid card holder wallet

RFID Card Holder Wallet

A lot of people are upgrading from bulky leather wallets that your father and his father used to use. Nowadays an RFID card holder wallet is a much more portable and user-friendly option. There are several reasons you might want to upgrade to such a wallet. 

And if you are going to upgrade, why not try out our cool wooden options? Wood is undoubtedly a luxurious material and has the ability to elevate the status of literally any product or commodity. Here at RusTech Wood, we produce different wooden accessories including these card holders, which we are certain that you will love!

Declutter Your Wallet

Are you still using those bulky leather wallets where you still carry cash, old business cards, a bunch of useless memos, and anything else that is quite unnecessary? In our opinion, the only thing that should remain in your wallet is the cash and the debit or credit cards that you own. 

Everything else needs to say bye-bye. And if you want to declutter this wallet of yours, what better way to do it than opting for an RFID card holder! The most common benefit of getting one is that you will become way more organized than you are currently, and it will also make your life easier in a lot of ways. 

Wood Is The New Leather

You might be thinking, why should I get a wooden card holder when there are several leather options for it? Well, we would argue that a wooden wallet would look and feel way more premium than a leather wallet can ever. 

While leather card holders can also be fancy, the wooden ones that we produce are designed to make you appear high-status. It will not only set you apart from the crowd but also give you a confidence boost because you would be using something that is considered luxurious. 

Customize Your Design 

We give our customers the ability to personalize their orders. Our card holders generally come in 2 different designs and models, so you can choose between these two. On top of that, you have the option to select the type of wood you want it to be made of. 

Choose between cherry, walnut, and beech wood types for your card holder and have it made specifically for you. 

Are RFID Card Holder Wallets The Future?

In our opinion, they definitely are going to be more relevant than previously used wallets. This type of card holder wallets is far more portable and convenient to carry. You can slide one inside your pocket and forget it’s even there! 

Apart from that, since we are slowly moving towards a completely cashless society, cards will be the only things you might need to carry. So we definitely see it being a part of the future. 

Join The Cashless Movement!

Check out our RFID card holder wallet and see how much more organized and minimalistic your life becomes. Join the movement of going cashless and carry all your cards in these stylish card holders!